Arrangement of a small living room – at the window?

Aranżacja małego salonu – co na okno?

Certainly, every member of the family can once before choosing decorations for your home or apartment. The process of beautification space is indeed very simple – do not leave after all bare areas. It is no different in the case of window decoration. Selection of decorative elements can spice us the real dizzy. What to choose? The choice we really mass elements such as drapes, curtains or blinds. First of all, let’s decide on what fits perfectly into our interior, giving it character and style. It must be remembered that certain additives may decide to increase the optical space – if you care about us this is about addition, the selected item will decide on the amount of light that comes in through our window.


Currently very trendy colors are white, gray or beige. Why? Because they give to that room more spaciousness. Also keep in mind that the room – in this case, living room – which is not characterized by colorful colors is considered to be more harmonious, making it easy to get the impression of law and order – the so-peaceful colors will give the ethereal scenery. Some of us – especially the elderly – are delighted to heavy and beautiful curtains. There is nothing wrong with that, because the decoration is very beautiful and stylish. The problem is that the heavy curtains do not fit into a small space – and this is what our living room. The best decorative material found to be airy curtains that give the impression of lightness.


Another interesting solution turns out to be blind material that can fit into a small interior design. In fact, the choice of blinds, keep the same as in the case of light curtains. If you want to visually enhance our room to decide on a clear shades of materials – like beige, white or light gray color. W przypadku ciemniejszych kolorów dojdzie do pomniejszenia pokoju – optycznie – a w naszym wypadku jest to raczej niewskazane.