Attaching the light and heavy objects on the wall

Mocowanie ciężkich i lekkich obiektów na ścianie

Do you mount on the wall of light or heavy objects may be heavy? Certainly not, but we must take into account the following factors – the size and severity of the item you want to hang and the area and type of its implementation. There is no doubt that the light fitting frames with pictures on the wall of plasterboard is to be performed – sometimes you have to use the appropriate hooks. If you want the same walls hang a mirror on the small size we need to find other solutions. In this kind of plates is better to use hooks which differ in size – can thus be mounted truly different size frame. Basically, each of them with a pin fastened to the wall at a sharp account. In the case of mirror matter is much more difficult because it is usually larger and heavier items. If, however, we decided to mount this mirror should equip themselves with the following items: electric drill, screwdriver flat, L-shaped pin with a catch.

This type must be equipped with a pin with wings which break up and are based on the inner wall surfaces – can be used with a. screws. When all materials, drill a hole in the wall that matches the size of a previously purchased the pin or screw. Then take off from the wings and slid it on the hook wieszanego object, and then assume the wings. When the pin is ready, we plug it into the pre-drilled hole in the wall. The pin can fix a previously prepared with a screwdriver, which will be more confident when opening the flaps and lock screw. With this solution, we are able to hang heavier items on the weaker wall.

As a last resort, you can use a Molly pin – the pin is used to attach heavy objects on the walls of plasterboard. The principle of operation is similar to a regular pin, but in this case, the twisted hole put the pin in the hole and screwed into the screw that was included.