Bath – a place to rest

Łazienka – miejsce na odpoczynek

The bathroom is a very important part of any home. This is a room whose main purpose is to allow us to maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. We bathe in it, wash or take a shower. We find a lot of equipment, such as a laundry basket, washing machine, sink, mirror, bathtub or shower, sometimes also works as toilets, although usually in the order to separate a separate room. In fact, it can be concluded that there is no house or apartment without a bathroom.

Modern bathroom in addition to the hygienic functions begin to be more and more a place of relaxation and rest, so their proper arrangement is becoming increasingly important. In the modern interior can be so divided into three main zones: bathing, toilet and seating area.

Bathing area is usually the largest area. The central point of a bath or shower. Choosing between the two depends on your needs and habits.

The tub is perfect for those who like long baths and relax with lighted candles with a book in his hand. Stores offer us a huge selection of tubs, so we can easily choose the perfect for our house and bathrooms. Due to the shape of the rectangular bathtubs distinguish (by far the most popular), and round the corner. Baths also differ in their performance – we have Acrylic Bathtubs (scratch resistant), steel and cast iron.

For those who have little space to use the shower is a great solution that takes up little space. An additional advantage is also that it saves time (do not have to wait for it to fill with water, as is the case in the bath), and that continually wash in clean water. It fits so perfectly to the people busy and active.

Another important area is the toilet area, which needs to find a particular toilet and sink. Typically, they are placed in the least conspicuous place in our bathroom to ensure complete comfort and privacy. Here, too, we have many opportunities suitable device and equipment layout to best fit our needs.

For some time, is a greater importance when decorating bathrooms in their homes. It is not only necessary space, but also the room in which the desire to spend. It is time to invest in the right accessories and furniture to create a unique atmosphere in our bathroom. Well-chosen will enjoy the eye not only his family but also to all guests.

It is vital that proper selection of ceramics, which will make our bathroom get the right look and charm. We can choose from many styles of classic, retro to modern and futuristic. It all depends on our tastes and means at our disposal. In our project, we must also take into account the proper positioning of bathroom furniture and other equipment, such as a mirror or cabinet for towels or toiletries. Increasingly, we decide to wooden furniture in the bathroom. They add the chic and elegant and most importantly allow you to break the common cold glass and ceramics.

Furnishing the bathroom we want to create a place comfortable and functional, providing us both relaxation and privacy. Only depends on us whether we decide on a sumptuous bath area or raw minimalism.