Bathroom in a more feminine style

Łazienka w bardziej kobiecym stylu

Do you miss living SPA visited last weekend? Move it to your bathroom. In fact, any bathroom can be your small living room spa. If you are planning to repair, you should consider its role. The bathroom is not only a daily toilet. If you properly take care of it in terms of aran? Acyjnym can become a haven of peace and relaxation. What should it change? To the bathroom had his soul must also have a unique color. Donating a relaxing baths will then assume a completely different taste.


What colors work best? Sensual and subtle. Surely this should not be bright colors. The only way to make intense colors are extras. The walls must be light and delicate. The proposed colors are white ecru and beige. However, these additives should be very easy. Strong colors can cause irritability and will not soothe the nerves. When it comes to shades that focus on these subdued. Very well suited to the color yellow and orange. In addition to the relaxing aura, our energy will charge the batteries. Another great color is green. In a great way to soothe even the most nervous. However, for neurotic people, not coping with the hardships of daily recommended bathrooms in colors of pink, lavender and violet.


However bathroom in blue, will add strength to fight with another hard day. As we can see the work on your home SPA requires a lot of time and decisions. Not aranżujmy bathroom on quickly. Sami see if he can do a plain color of the walls. However, the walls themselves are not enough. A lot is in the appendices, which will give the room a soul. Also be sure to save up space for candles. Is your mind’s eye you see now your new bathroom?

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