Bet on the safe inside!

Postaw na bezpieczne wnętrze!

During the renovation, we are trying to choose what we like and it will show up nicely in our apartment. We also try to make our choices were practical to use and easy to care of the cleanliness. However, it is still something that should be paid attention to, namely security.

It is important to choose the materials safe to use, especially in the bathroom. When choosing flooring for the bathroom, note the degree of slip tiles. The bathroom floor is exposed to frequent contact with water, thus easy to slip and lead to fracture arm or leg. A similar accident may also children who may fall over and uncontested, or running out of the bathroom. If you’re already on the floor tiles, you can put on them special non-slip rubber mat. Another option is multicolored rugs, from the bottom covered with rubber, making them non-slip. If, on the other hand the choice of tiles in front of you, pay attention to the non-slip. There is no corresponding class of anti-slip, which is used in private bathrooms. Important, therefore, that our choice was deliberate. Pay also attention to the symbols which are marked tiles. Those with symbols consisting of a single letter to board, where you can safely walk barefoot. However, those that have the name and a letter and a number, refer to the sliding scale, walking on the tiles in the shoe.

The bottom line is that the tiles for tiling floors were dull and not shiny. Shiny tiles, there are always more slippery and easier to overturn. Safety in your apartment, it is very important. Analyze your choices regarding the completion and equipment of the apartment. Are you sure they are safe for your household? Before, something you buy to live, take a look at the product in terms of functionality, safety and appealing design.