Blue in interior decoration

Błękit w aranżacji wnętrza

How does affects us blue sky and sea? In rooms where color is dominant, we feel safe, easy. The color blue is also associated with purity and freshness. Think about it, in some way, you can take advantage of, this color when composing the interior of your home.

Color blue, as each color has a great importance for us. In this case we are talking about the positive impact on our comfort and well-being. The color blue can prevail in our room, painting the walls in that color. Another option is to create with the dominant color of decorations and accessories. For which areas can the color? We can use it in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and the children’s room. In each of these areas will try for a feeling of relaxation. Of course, the color blue has many of its shades. Not all of them will fit the known styles of decorating. Color resembling a blue sky, is the easiest to develop. In what way? Compatible with many styles and combinations of colors. We can connect with meringue, grays and pink and green. If using the blue you want to add subtle, yet firmness and style, you should choose shades of indigo and ultramarine.

To our blue, did not contribute to the faint areas, should be combined with other colors according to certain rules. The bedrooms connects to the blue sky with light gray and white, because of the purpose of the room. The master bedroom is an oasis of calm and relaxation. In the living room, and the color should be combined with bold colors. Color blue of the sky and the sea, well he finds himself in the interiors decorated in a maritime style. Beige and cream additions are welcome.