Care upholstered furniture

Pielęgnacja mebli tapicerowanych

There is no doubt that the interior design is very important and responsible task. But just when it is accompanied by proper maintenance of furniture and equipment, of which we regularly use. This is how we will take care of it will affect the length of time in which we will be able to enjoy the facilities of our house. However, each piece of furniture and the equipment required to make an alternative preservatives.


Upholstered hosted in our homes for many, many years. As soon cease to look representatively, replace them with new ones. However, there are some tips that will help us to use maximize the use of such furniture. Care of this type of furniture is not difficult. First of all, prevent, or protect your furniture from excessive sunlight. Acute sunlight can affect very negatively the color of our furniture, staining them in some places. In the end, the material may result indelible stains. A similar effect can cause the stove or radiator. However, these heat sources are much more dangerous, they can also cause permanent surface contamination. Upholstered furniture is often a good vacuum, a specially designed nozzle for a vacuum cleaner with hairs. The surface of such furniture can also maintain and clean with a specially designed formulations.


However, not all are suitable for any type of material. If one is made of our couch or chair is not listed and packaging, spray the product visible place. If you will not do any harm, you can easily clean the entire surface of the furniture. But generally recommended to wipe them with a damp cloth or soft sponge. Self cleaning should be done in a delicate way to fabric. If you come to the conclusion that the piece is too wet after cleaning, you can dry it with a paper towel.