EKO-style elements in your home

Elementy w stylu EKO, w twoim domu

Interior decoration is a challenge for everyone, even if you are working in the industry. The basic question to be answered at the outset, this is what they really require from its interior. Does it have to be functional, and safe, especially for children, and may be accompanied by the latest design? The answer to this question is really very much, and it is rare that they themselves do not know the household of which will be really happy. Fortunately, there are many sources that can be recourse when choosing the style in which we decorate the interior. Right next to the most popular English style, which is characterized by simplicity and cold colors, you will also find eco style. What is it?

As the name suggests, the priority we put everything that is organic. Life in the friendship of nature, obliges the bottom just to eat what organic farming and a healthy. Chcąc w pełni podawać się za ekologicznych, powinniśmy przeorganizować nasze mieszkanie i w razie potrzeby zmienić dekoracje. Nothing less than the furniture that are made from recycled products. Kitchen should be organized so that it was easy to segregate waste. The dominant colors in this style is warm shades of red, pink and orange. Popular wicker baskets and vases. Eco style puts great emphasis on all things natural. Unfortunately, we are well aware that there are things cheap.

If you decide to wooden furniture and a table, not painted us resolve it. The impregnation will be based on regular oiling. Natural tree, highlight the essence of a style that dominates in our apartment. In the bathroom, wooden items, you can replace those that are made of real stone such as granite. Fine-tuning of this style in the interior can lose a long time. Elements of interior decoration made from natural materials are very expensive, so their buying decisions must be deeply considered.