Eclectic living room – practical tips

Eklektyczny salon – praktyczne porady

What exactly is eclecticism? There is nothing like joining together in the interiors not only different kinds of designs, but also the colors and stuff from various eras. The basis for this kind of setting is of course very contrasting putting the call. This involves, unfortunately, with courage and a very accurate sense of taste due to the fact that if you overdo the quantity and diversity of all might just be exaggerated.

The first thing to create an eclectic interior is of course the choice of style that prevailed in it. Another thing to adjust to the contrasting things. There can not be too much of course, but we should keep in mind that simply must be seen. If we forget and we expect the effect can be simply invisible.

Nowadays it is very popular to combine modern furniture or accessories with typical antiques. Sometimes a combination of light and shiny plastic and metal with traditional wooden furniture may indeed seem strange, but it really is just that. Important here is the element of surprise, which is to be pleasing to the eye. If you do not get inside the eclectic and only the effect of clutter should pay attention to the fact that only held one of our carefully chosen style.

Among the incredibly brave people who like to combine the new with the old there is also a trend for the renewal of things, for example, purchased at a flea market. Elegant French chairs coat modern materials with prints. The same situation occurs in the framework of image painted in neon colors.

We should also note that the typical go of the past combine sets of furniture or fabrics with the same designs, as well. Here, everything should be regularly and carefully structured mess that is sure to delight all of our guests.

What then should be inspired or just where to look for this kind of thing? The base is of course flea markets, real I also places renewed this kind of thing, and adds a new character., Are becoming extremely popular as online shopping. It is true that because of the shipping costs are quite expensive, but can we really be sure here professionally done.

Eclecticism is also extremely well-liked by the people who decide at their center on the pop-art. He also relies on a combination of old and new, but we’re talking about soft colors of the walls and furniture, and only kilohms distinct modern touches such as chair or other such thing. It is really a good option for the brave and not afraid of challenges. Of course, a lot also depends on our individual preferences, because we know not everyone has that kind of stuff just like them. This is completely normal and typical case, which should not in any way to fight.

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