Fashion walls – what colors will be on top of the spring?

Modne Ściany – jakie kolory będą na topie tej wiosny?

Willingly or not, each of us once in a while, you just need to refresh your wall. This is due to their ordinary dust. After two or three years, they do not look quite as appealing as fresh. Sometimes, the colors we can just get bored. If you decide to change the color of the walls in your apartment, think about what is fashionable this spring, and how colors can affect our well-being. Try to treat yourself to something modern and beautifully placing you in the heat of the coming summer.


Many people are opting for green color, for its walls. However, there is a big difference between the different shades of that color. Forget it, however, the eyes glaring versions of lush greenery. Pastels have slowly fade away but in their place appear a little darker but equally subdued shades. We are talking about a rotten green on the front, which in any case does not have to be very dark. Green not only introduce to our apartment chic and class but also improve our mood, because this color in an amazing way affects our well-being. Other colors are also spring purples and bright pinks. These colors are associated mainly with women, but each member of the family will be happy to introduce them to the apartment. His role will be played primarily in the bedroom, relaxing and giving relief. If you do not like to experiment with the colors of the walls, think of the usual white or ecru walls. In this case, however, we have given greater weight to the decoration that is sure to be very intense. Then the character’s emphasize the interior.


Remember that revives painting the walls in the dark. They overwhelm the room, making it seem to us visually smaller. Place in bright colors rather to encourage activities such as those listed above. It would certainly’ll be happy with the changes!