Fireplace – the heart of our home.

Kominek – serce naszego domu.

What is true of our interior design really is conditioned by several different factors, such as the furniture is very important to give it the proper composition and color, the walls and floor give it character, however, which for many centuries was the heart of even primitive dwellings?

Of course he was and give it fire, but its form from the earliest times until today has changed a lot since the beginning it was only suitable for warm hearth and a place where people feel safe. Of course, in the centuries there have to very many changes, but still burning and crackling wood fire providing warmth is very well associated.

There’s no denying that the simplest solution really started to be present, for example, are replaced with electric heating and central, as it is much more efficient and convenient, but there is no denying that it is still in many homes can meet more or less traditional forms of fireplaces. Although their primary role has been erased, but it really still is a symbol not only warm and family, but also the safety and shelter.

If so, in what form you meet these objects now? There’s no denying that there are really a lot, because, of course, traditional and classical forms never go out of fashion, but when it comes to, for example, modern versions also on the Polish market can meet them very much.

Extremely popular in recent times have become so-called jokes that only they look or emit heat, but in reality they are only ordinary radiators or other types of heaters, which, for example, show special displays only the virtual fire. Sometimes you can meet with sound effects, but in reality there is no denying that it really is not reflective of real charm and real fireplace.

Unfortunately, you should also pay attention to the fact that an ordinary fireplace in contrast to the so-called “artificial” requires a very large installation of a chimney because anyway it yield a real fire. Of course, for some this is not a sufficient argument, because they are more interested in the real atmosphere, we can give only a real fireplace. It is true, for example, on issues such as installation and maintenance costs are not clearly answer because it depends on many different factors.

When it comes to cheaper and more accessible distance of all these forms are, of course, small fireplaces, which can be placed in any room, but you can not hide the fact that very often the shape is reminiscent of, for example, an aquarium, but when it comes to aspects of the heat very well they fulfill their role only in small spaces, simply because they do not have enough power, which do not generate such large amounts of heat. Is the fireplace has any effect on interior design? Of course, there is no denying that it’s because he really gives it a very special atmosphere. There’s no denying that m larger hearth, the better, but in reality very typhus fireplaces do not fit into all the rooms, so we should be very very careful when choosing the size.