Hand-painted ceramics

Własnoręczne malowanie ceramiki

Want to give a new light his old cups? Or maybe you want to spice up the old cups? It’s easy! It turns out that in a very simple way you can renew your old tableware. Painting ceramic cups and mugs, and vases gaining popularity and hence masses of followers. Giving a modern style pottery is easy, even for people who do not have manual skills, it can take up to several hours. Hand-decorated vase, will be of great importance for us. Such ceramics, we can also give someone as a gift. How to prepare to start working?

We will need liner, designed to paint pottery, brushes and a bowl of water. Lip painting ceramics are available in different colors. Most popular are black and gold. We can choose the two types – one dry themselves, the other must bake. Lip differ durability. These baked longer you hold. Another issue on which you should consider a form of lip liner, as there are two – the tube once a pen carries. Consider that you may be easier to paint. Table on which you paint porcelain well protect against possible szodami. Model, which is represented on a vase or cup is free. First, select the contours of the model, and then fill it farbka. They will need to brushes of different thicknesses. However, after obrysowaniu contours, wait until it is dry. You can not paint a different color, as long as the previous well has not dried. We still avoid mixing of colors.

After work, pottery set aside in a safe, dry place so that it can dry out. Paints to be burning, keep in the oven, as long as it is indicated in the way they are used, and those that are allowed to dry themselves, let them stand as long as possible. Enjoy the excellent results of their work, drinking coffee every day with hand-painted cups.

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