Curtains are undoubtedly timeless and most importantly fashionable decoration on the windows of all classes and culturality in the world. In some parts of the world are not using them at all, as people have different habits and customs. In Poland, this is undoubtedly the number one – there’s no sign it would be otherwise. Trendiest are obviously ready curtains, because they are easier to attach it and change – the kind of curtains pin on special hooks or buttons to the appropriate circles. Most ready-made curtains are already predetermined dimensions and wide – often standard – therefore suitable for most flats and houses, where we find the windows of similar size. They are made of different materials, because they are characterized by a variety of finishes – the curtain linings are thicker and more dense, so you put up better than others. Blackout curtains are suitable, for example, children’s room or bedroom. Pillowcases are in really different colors – is traditionally white or cream.

Another good idea for decoration of windows are draped with curtains or create narrow pleats – are the best solution for use valances. Curtains can drape on a lot of ways – for example, evenly spread the use of triple-fold pleats in groups of three. More and more fashionable curtains are also lashed up or making yourself stitched eyelets for ready made curtains.

Another good way to ornament the windows are masks or valances – are finish. This solution effectively reduce the – at least visually – the size of the window. Masking is usually performed with the same material as the curtain or slightly close to it. If you’re passionate about the curtains, and you’re a young and energetic person, consider buying curtains in a variety of colors – it is an ideal solution for simple and modern living.