Home Furnishings – General Guide

Urządzanie domu – poradnik ogólny

Interior design starts with functional separation of our house or apartment. Typically, kitchen, bathroom and entrance are imposed from above, we are left to design two areas – public area day and night more intimate area with lockable rooms and bedrooms. We must also take into account the family members and their habits and needs. Taking the project we need to pay attention to some useful principles such as the need for the location of the dining room (if issued with one plan) near the kitchen, the position of television and seating area so as not to interfere with moving around the house, planning a bedroom at the municipal, to ensure a close intimacy and comfort, etc.

The interior decoration is of paramount importance living space that we have. Otherwise design and will arrange home, large apartment, small apartment or studio apartment.

Large apartment or house gives us a large room to maneuver and offers many possibilities. Our project should be based on functionality and comfort of the family, and finally it is here we will rest and relax after a busy day. Before you begin to determine what we will arrange the room. Otherwise we arrange a kitchen, bedroom, office or bathroom. First of all, we must remember moderation when it comes to furniture and household items that will not let clutter rooms. Then, even the best furniture will lose all its charm and uniqueness and our living room or bedroom will become dull.

Much more problematic device creates a small apartment, when our living space is small. Here we must show greater ingenuity to make our interiors were interesting and we well-being in mind. There are several ways to accomplish this.

Painting the walls we must be sure to use bright colors that do not give effect to reduce our apartment. Its height can be extended through the use of vertical stripes on the walls. You should also put in our house a couple of mirrors, which are able to suitably located up to twice the data visually enlarge the room. To get some space can replace the kitchen kitchenette located in the living room or the room. If we want to hide it from guests it may be useful here blind or sliding doors. Similarly we can do for a room that will serve as both a bedroom and a place to work – office or dressing room. Can be separated by a sliding door, which in this case will be the wall. Sliding open it with two small rooms we are able to get one more. When it comes to furniture is an interesting solution can also be folding tables, a dining table or desk available in many furniture stores.

Design and equip our dream home can be a great activity for everyone. Note, however, that these beloved four angles are not only look good but also be functional and provide a place of rest.