Home Office

Domowe biuro

Nowadays, more and more people choose to work at home. Running a sole proprietorship, blogging or web design, these and other tasks associated with paid work can be easily performed in the comfort of your own home. Odejdą nam koszy najmu lokalu, dojazdu do firmy oraz stołowania się ”na mieście”. However, to our work at home to be effective, we need to take care of some details, without which it would earn at home heavier than the office. The first principle is to separate a separate room that will give us peace and quiet shutting us of home crowds. Furnishing this room, first of all let us remember that it was functional and practical. It can not be in too much of furniture, appliances paintings on the wall, because it will make an impression overwhelmed, and heavy. This will affect us and our work.

The colors in this room also should be light. They may be shades of beige and cream, pastel blue or green. Avoid heavy reds, purples and browns that will be responsible for the pain and heaviness of the head. Another important element of a home office is the lighting. Desk, in addition to lighting the top, it should be equipped with an additional lamp. Light color, or not is irrelevant. Światło powinno być naturalnie żółte, a w żadnym wypadku białe. If we have the opportunity, desk where you will work let’s put the window. Wall decorations should remind us kind of nice moments. It can therefore be pictures hung in antyramie.

Too much decoration not only overwhelm the room but also distract our thoughts and do not allow us to concentrate on their work. Home office furniture should first be equipped with a sufficient number of shelves for storage of documents. Depending on the nature of the work, you will also need drawer. The last element that should be paid attention to a chair. It should be comfortable and individually tailored to the individual.