How to change the nature of the stairs.

Jak zmienić charakter schodów.

As you know just choose the appropriate space on the stairs in your home is a very difficult art, because they take up a lot of space and must be accounted for in the project home because subsequent reconstruction can be extremely temporary, and capital-intensive, however, that when you are moving and do not we will change the stairs and it really completely we do not like?

At that point there is nothing else like an appropriate choice of railings and their coverage (in the case of concrete stairs) or color. The old buildings, the most common are the concrete stairs or built with bricks or blocks, which are very large, massive, and in many cases irregular.

If this is the kind of home we have a very good idea would be taping their wood or panels. Although depending on their shape can be extremely laborious, however, the result satisfactory and suitable for very many years. Much the same is true for decorating with ceramic tiles, but for some it’s not too comfortable option, as it ties in with the slippery surface and the need to purchase carpets or other cover slip.

Departing from concrete stairs should also be given to those made in the second, one of the most common materials, such as wood. In this case the conversion is much easier, but often much more expensive.

How to change the look of wooden stairs? It is quite simple because the basic thing is to painting or staining. In this case, we also have a lot of options related to the changes, because we can manipulate the size and shape of the degrees.

Of course, all of these treatments should be carried out with appropriate moderation and care so that our interior has become much more attractive and their design remained intact and was still going on. A very important element that is able to dramatically change the nature and thus the appearance of our stair railing is that you can take on a lot of different ways. The basis is, of course, forged handrail or wood, which can be made to order, or in the case of wood alone.

This railing, but an element that can be performed in a completely unusual and other items. It all really depends on your taste, but in recent times in some homes and interior design guides you see more and more handrails or banisters alone made of thick rope.

Contrary to appearances, this is a very interesting solution that can provide our interior completely different character and style. Another type of railing that is gaining popularity is the built with glass panels or glass blocks. Of course, this is the glass properly secured in a very well presented in a modern setting nacechowanych minimalist style.

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