How to clean the panels?

W jaki sposób czyścić panele?

Certainly, a large crowd of women is a problem with the floors in your home. No challenge turns out to be, in this case the panels. Certainly, we do not realize how easy it is to destroy the panels do not adhering to the contrary the manufacturer. So often with a good heart and pure knowledge is not an accident that may forever przekreśli beauty of the panel. Of course there are effective methods that will not only make the panel will shine, but it also effectively protect against various types of falls, scratches and dirt. But keep in mind that the floor panels are really delicate, so you need to take care of – well then, as we will not scratch, pour excessive amounts of water, if used on the various types of chemicals (even the floor).


The very act which is washing the panels will not cause anyone problems. Basically, this function just plain mop, but it must be of suitable wet – or can be cloth. Remember, however, that the mop was too wet, as symbolized by the remaining water on the panels. We can not allow a situation in which the leave excessive amounts of water on the panel, as certainly penetrated inside. In the case of laminate flooring can obtain a special cleaning kits – Toothbrush + fluids – which will allow us to easily remove dirt on the panels.


Wood panels from time to time to polish a special rinse aid timber – in this case deepens the color of the wood. If our panels are finished with oil or wax, then we can be sure that awaits us plenty to do with their care. Why? Because every now and then to refresh the wax, which is not only time consuming but also difficult. Each such layer, however, will bear fruit in the future more and stronger coating that will not allow dirt to the floor and damage. Sometimes, so you might get a little bit of effort.