Increase your apartment!

Powińôksz swoje mieszkanie!

Many of us have a small apartment, even though we like them very much, and they have created a charming interior that would like to enlarge it. In what way? The key to success is their good adaptation. To our apartment has become optically larger, we need to apply some basic rules for its furnishing. With the introduction of their implementation, deceive not only their own eyes but the eyes of all visitors to our people. The first thing that should be noted is the way, and the angle at which light comes into our apartment.

Influencing the way in which light comes into our room, not an easy task, but it is not to be done. The first thing you need to change is the unveiling of the windows. Get rid of the long dark curtains. Attitudes rather short curtains or blinds. Natural light plays a very important role in increasing housing. The decoration of windows, limit yourself to what is necessary. Another very good way to diffuse light, the suspension of a large mirror, and that is exactly opposite the window. Paying attention to artificial light, it is recommended to short chandeliers, or labs built directly into the ceiling. The light should be bright shade – not white and the bulb strong. The operation of this type, lift up our apartment. Another very important rule is to use a light, neutral color to paint the walls, ceilings, and floors to choose from and decoration.

The biggest, of course, plays a role in the walls, ceiling and floor. Structure of the ink affects the scattering of light. All that dull, collects them and shiny reflection. Is this the case, you will not be, could afford glossy stretch ceiling? When arranging your interior, try to also avoid clogging every corner, all kinds of decorations. The less stuff in the room, and the rougher style of furniture and decoration the more our apartment seems to be more spacious.