Inside straight from the catalog

Wnętrze prosto z katalogu

Many of us dream of the interior, such as a directory of interior design. The stylish, magical and charming. Not believing in themselves and the possibility of creating something unique and equally stunning, decide to copy the view of the image. In catalogs, often served shops and prices displayed products. Charmed, catalog interior, blindly buy what what was on the picture. Is it a good idea to arrange the interior of your apartment?

It turns out that such an action is the most common and also the biggest mistake aran? Acyjny. Such copying is not always successful. Nie raz po prostu nie możemy dostać w sklepie wszystkich pozycji ze zdjęcia, na siłę kupujemy coś innego (podobnego), a w rezultacie nasze wnętrze nie współgra ze sobą. This is what we see in catalogs and on the Internet should inspire us to create something special. After that, what we see in catalogs, is not always practical in everyday use. An example would be a beautiful white walls with a small child in the house once the two are black. Or furniture with sharp edges, which will make it difficult to move freely.

If interior design is your current challenge in the beginning you should make a list of where you describe what is primarily important to you. Consider the space for storing all the necessary things. Certainly living room without any furniture falls. A low coffee table, tempting her grace, but if you are able to put in the house is only one table or on the back you will be eating dinner with your family? The arrangement of its interior should think primarily in terms of the practical. Of course, you strive to maintain a certain style in everything, but it can not be done at the expense of functionality. Pictures directory, but they can captivate the recipient, are not always good to use them in the real world.

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