Insulation of walls and floors

Izolacja ścian i podłóg

The walls are an extremely important part of any home or apartment – in today’s article, we will focus more on the houses, but not obstacles to any of the boards used in his apartment. They occupy a considerable area of ​​any home – this is why the insulation is extremely important. Certainly, the insulation performance largely depends on the material which is used to build a house, otherwise isolated buildings with solid walls, and otherwise with dziurawkami. A very important factor is to provide insulation from the ground – it just keeps running as much as 15 percent of the heat. The most important feature is the wall, because it does not run the greatest amount of heat – within the limits of 35 per cent. If your house is built with so-called. perforated insulation is the best way is to inject the insulating material – it is the matter entrusted to the skilled person.


Such an investment is certainly very expensive – even more so when we order specialists – but certainly very effective – with estimates come out to us that the investment will pay for itself within a few years. Such a method is not suitable for solid walls, because this insulation is pumped into the foam, granules or glass fibers into the hollow through drilled holes in the wall. Insulating the inside of the wall will not be too difficult for most people reading this – so we can do this themselves by limiting costs.


A crucial element is to prevent moisture build-up – including the insulating layer covers the permeable film. Such treatments result in a reduced floor space – such as air-conditioning panels result in loss of about 50 mm. But from the point of view of comfort and energy savings are worth it to give up such a small area. This investment will not be too expensive, and a whole pays for itself within a few years – then we can count on continued gains stemming from energy savings.