Interiors glamor: a project-style housing in film

Wnętrza glamour: projekt mieszkania w filmowym stylu

Arranging the way you will be decorated our apartment is a very important point in our renovation. Do not under any circumstances, follow the fashionable styles that appeal to everyone but not to us. The desire to be modern should not be greater than our being in the apartment. Thus choosing a style, you will be guided by the arrangement of our apartment, it must first of all which fit the individual characteristics of our character. The style of the interior we can look at different angles. On the one hand it can pay attention to our interest, such as the style marynistyczny. Another style that emphasizes our hobby, it certainly is one that draws attention to the Hollywood stars. It is, however, a dominant firm choice of color and the principles on which we will base their actions. We must definitely remember to keep a healthy distance and looking sober look at our decorations.


This action certainly protect us from entering the premises of unwanted confusion or even kitsch. Looks great inside, which include decoration with motifs of film. This is a great style for fans of cinema. This style is fond of different types of paintings and posters. In no case, they shall relate only modern cinema. But whether we will feel comfortable in this room depends only on our personalities. This sets a great find in the living room and bedroom. Some choose to follow this path also in their bathrooms.


If the film world is our passion, we know exactly the same as in the room should be found and what to avoid. There is also imposed from above colors that match the style. We have, therefore, in this case freedom. It is recommended, however, calm color palette, because these intense colors often evoke negative emotions in us.