Kitchen cabinet doors

Fronty szafek kuchennych

Each of us dreams of a modern kitchen, tailored to us individually. Choosing kitchen furniture, so first of all the fronts. It is not directed at first glance, only then look at blatowi and sprzÄ™tom appliances. It turns out that we can choose from different types of fronts. Let’s look at a few of them.


Fronts made of solid wood, they are very much appreciated. Give the interior class, elegance and rich style. These are high quality fronts, which, unfortunately, they are quite expensive. Fronts of this type are made of beech, birch, pine and fruit trees like cherry. They are sturdy, resistant to mechanical damage. Their only drawback is the gradual change of color, which is a characteristic of natural wood. Another type of kitchen fronts are those made of laminated chipboard. With this material also takes tops. They are coated veneer in different colors and with different class shine. The biggest advantage of such fronts is a relatively low price. The material is durable, but less resistant to prolonged contact with water. This type of disc can irreversibly swell. They look very well, reminding fronts made of solid wood. Another type of front we can find are made of MDF. It is a subject specialist fibreboard processing. This type of material allows to give depth and convex shapes. This ensures that our fronts will not be boring. MDF is recommended odo modern kitchen.


What time are the more common glass fronts. These doors are made of high quality tempered glass. Even in the event of breakage, do not do harm by sharp pieces. Tempered glass shatters into tiny cubes. Glass fronts create the latest design. You can choose the glass clear, frosted and colored. Once you are familiar only with several kinds of fronts we have a broader view of the matter. Now, certainly a lot easier to us to make the right decision.

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