Kitchen on the Green

Kuchnia na zielono

Bet on the vibrant colors, arranging the interior of your living room, dining room or kitchen. What can, for example, tell us about the color green? Brings home a lot of life and joy. Green is also the hope and freedom. What would you say to the kitchen just in this color? It’s a really good idea, given the really positive steps that color. Green is also affected by antidepressant as relieving stress.

Green also affects the self-confidence and positive thinking. When choosing pastel green, you’ll be able to relax after a busy day. But the Green Kitchen must mean immediately green fronts of cabinets and green walls? No. The most appropriate decision will be place on the green style accessories, bottles, wipes, and even cutting boards. Perfection of style to your kitchen would give just green accents. Green can go ahead and throw the kitchen sink around. On the market there are colorful batteries, perhaps you should think about this purchase? Wheel sink can grow green parsley and basil and mint in a pot. Another interesting solution can be pad dinner plates and napkins. The introduction of green to your kitchen is really very much. Start of pledges lunch and finish on the window decoration – caps on the pots and curtains. The beneficial effect of green she’ll find the time. Green color very well with light-colored walls, such as white, cream or caffe late.

Think too about the floor. The creamy green kitchen floor is designed in shades of dark wood. Green accents in the kitchen will help you create a unique interior. Be sure to determine the dominant color and the introduction of additives than in the other two colors. This will avoid kitsch, which would be born by the incompetent mixing too many colors in one room. And if you decide to just such a joyful additions to your kitchen?