Lighting between rooms

Oświetlenie między pokojami

Installation of lighting between rooms is not very clear case. Although, in fact, know how to light up – the most commonly used lamps wall or ceiling due to receive a larger space between the rooms – this is not the end we are aware of the fact that the appropriate use of such intensity has a significant impact on the appearance of the whole arrangement, and the usefulness of the light. An example is the lens directing light toward the top – where the ceiling color is usually white. In this way, we get about twice the power of the light intensity. Undoubtedly, a good solution in this case is mounted decorative bowls, which will produce a beautiful effect of longitudinal ceiling – thereby induce with no little interest in our guests.


Certainly, we are aware of the fact that the adoption of the first guests to pay attention to what is otherwise a hall or vestibule. It is a place that at the very beginning of our invited arouse positive or negative feelings that will translate into further exploration of our rooms. So we should put enough emphasis on the porch seemed to be warm and inviting, and this effect has been achieved using good lighting – just note that it was not too clear. Remember that lighting located between the rooms is very important because of the limited field corridors rarely falls the light of day.


In larger homes rather frequent use seems to be fitting coffer, not as resembling fireflies. When you turn give quite far diffused light thus giving the impression located above the window. After installing dimmer light illumination can be adjusted during the day to the currently prevailing conditions – in this way we get close to the intensity of the light coming through the window in the other room. A good solution is the built-in light, but typically they are used for lighting corridors in some older homes.