Living room and its primary role

Pokój dzienny i jego podstawowa rola

Living room is a place of rest daily from both our friends, as well as on the part of our family. An important aspect of any living room is the issue of space – important to be comfortable, but not too (after all, more relaxing to be our bedroom). An important element of this room is the previously separate space that can not be blocked by other items – such as additional chairs, sofa, furniture or table. Living room is perfect for when we are in possession of a small resident – in this case, not every inmate has the opportunity to get their own corner, where they can relax and unwind. For such people are still living – that’s what he will use them during the day as a place of relaxation. It must be remembered that it is a shared space with other household members, guests and family – is so spacious public area.


An important element of any interior living room is naturally penetrating light, which is why it is important that during the day the room was light in the room is much nicer he is. When the evening there will be room to be “more secure” and only the lighting should be properly used light – an appropriate intensity and orientation of the place where we spend our time. Arrangement style should take place in a predictable manner, that is, to fit the both summers and cold – you need to find a balanced style that was neither too cold nor too cozy (too much is bad).


The choice of color is certainly not simple – if you want to paint, not tapetować room. One of the trendier colors is white – elegant and chic. Warto jednak mieć na uwadze fakt, że jest to też kolor, który przyciąga brud i o ile nie mamy jeszcze dzieci lub zwierząt to możemy sobie na niego pozwolić. But if we are not in possession of a small brood, consider the color of having technology easy cleaning, grinding and cleaning – without losing the efficiency of color.

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