Living room in the attic

Pokój dzienny na poddaszu

Bunk houses and apartments do not have to have a living room located on the ground floor. Attic room for us to be as attractive as it is located on the ground floor of the apartment. In addition to separating the room there when acting bedroom, think of how you can build on top of the living room which will be readily available to all members of the household. If you are a modern person is not the dreaded challenges and not always traditional solutions, the idea of ​​creating a living room in the attic should be for you. What is the recommended best arrangement of this room? We focus on cosiness. Room so we should be associated with relaxation. It is important, therefore, ensure a comfortable place to sit. It is recommended to set the bench just below the window. This area, where we can meet friends will be particularly important place, slightly sloping walls and located in one window, they will give us a sense of modernity.

Such slanted walls, despite all the charm associated with problems. What? The layout of furniture, for example, adjusting the angle of the walls. The problem also occurs in the case of white ceiling fans. If the slope of the walls is a very small area of ​​the ceiling is to be painted in the color of the walls. What colors to choose for this type of space? This will depend on the type of sunlight. If so windows located in the roof of the room enters enough light color of the walls, it will be free. If the amount of light is limited, you might want to think about bright colors.


The attic rooms often contain elements of wood in the form of beams supporting the structure. If you and our room has a bar, do not give up on them at the beginning and do not try to hide it. Think about how you can bring out their beauty.