Make sure the air in the apartment

Zadbaj o powietrze w mieszkaniu

Arranging housing, and work on creating a unique style takes a little time. Później dochodzi dbanie o atrakcyjność pomieszczenia i o komfort. Pay attention to other important things. The air in our apartment, it can really contribute to the comfort and well-being, not only our but also our guests. How can you affect the air quality in your house?

Neglected air in your home, it can be even more harmful than outside. For what reason? A huge impact on air quality downgrading to dust mites (and their droppings) and dust. Invisible to the naked eye, are the convenient place on the curtains, carpet and furniture. Just for a moment to open a window or door, and everything starts to float in the air we breathe is. So your first step should be a regular airing. This should be done twice a day. Preferably in the morning, immediately after waking up and before going to bed, because fresh air is a comfortable sleep. How long should an airing? Enough for 10 to 15 minutes. Another important thing is to take the fight against dust. The abrasive dust-Use a damp cloth. In any case, we should not be dragged to the so-called canning that does not collect dust, but only that it is set in motion. Before vacuuming, check the filter. Perhaps it is dirty and needs to be replaced. Another very important thing is the humidity.

If the air in the room in which we live is too dry, quick start us pierzchnąć mouth. If in our apartment, there is dry air, we can easily trigger a dry cough and even sore throat. So be sure the humidifier. Certainly cheaper, will position saucer of water on the windowsill. The water will gradually evaporate, humidifying the air. But watch to moisture, will not be greater than 60%, the deviation in this page is also dangerous.