Mirrors – the easiest way to enlarge a small interior

Lustra – najprostszy sposób na powiększenie małego wnętrza

There are many ways to make additions or appropriate arrangement of the interior, visually change the size or even height. Unfortunately, our homes are not designed in a manner that would suit us. Therefore, in our hands is very high flat change in the standard of the larger small apartment. Even if this is the only optical method that will make that living in such a house will be much more enjoyable. Each of us knows that much depends on appropriately selected color of the walls and accessories. White and other light colors in a wonderful way can enhance even the smallest room or bathroom. There are other ways to achieve this effect. What?


The secret is in the mirrors. Apart from a very practical function they can provide excellent decoration of our interior. Placing them in the living room in a highly decorative frame, we will give the chic and unusual style of our interior. While the living room can be as large utility room, for example, is different from a bedroom or bathroom. In the bedroom we can afford to buildings of the same closet door mirrors. We can even create a whole wall covered with mirrors, and it was in this way. Similarly, you can do well in the bathroom. However, it must be a wall away from bathtubs and sinks, as they will often splash. As we can see in what place suspend the mirror is not without significance. In the living room the best that it hanging over the bed. In any event, in front of her! Guests can feel awkward when.


If you are not satisfied with your inner you the size, think about how you can use a mirror to their magnification. Remember that even the most ordinary mirror has enormous power and your interior can become important or even three times bigger!