More space means open kitchen

Więcej przestrzeni czyli otwarta kuchnia

More than you ever thought demolish the wall connecting the kitchen with the room, which usually accept visitors? It is a great idea! Create a space in your home is very modern, so if you only have the opportunity to take advantage of it. There are many advantages of the open kitchen to the living room or dining room. First of all, a modern interior, but also contact with the guests, which need not be left alone. You can open the kitchen to the living room wall, destroying or removing the door and extending the entrance. Only you can decide on which of these bold ideas to choose. However, when planning such a move should consider a few things. What?

Tearing down the walls we must make sure that they do not threaten the structure or dwelling house. Under no circumstances should you remove the load-bearing walls, which are very important. The only thing we can do in the event that the load-bearing wall separates the kitchen from the living room, the expansion of the door. After the renovation, soon we will see the advantages of a combined kitchen. However, if it is for us too bold proposition and yet we want to keep pace with the latest trends, we can go on Feces compromise. What? Namely, our combined have separate kitchen from the dining area, a higher counter, which will perfectly suit the so-called high chairs stools. We will be very happy with this solution. We will introduce a modern style, which after all is so that we desired.

We’ve covered a lot of advantages open kitchen. The spacious interior, a direct contact with the guests, but what can you say about the disadvantages? The disadvantage of this type of cuisine are scents that will propagate from the kitchen to the dining area. There will always be our pleasure to drink coffee, while in the air will float smells cooked meals. This is the fundamental flaw that will help us to minimize even the hood. We should not, however, discouraged and decide to go ahead and put on a more advanced version of our interior!

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