Okno – w jaki sposób zyskać więcej prywatności?

Okno – w jaki sposób zyskać więcej prywatności?

Currently very popular not only have a large, but also very impressive windows that would show that the interior of our home. Of course, in some cases it is very effective, but really not very practical, because usually during the day does not cause any problems, but in the evening it may be that living close to neighbors or passers from the street can see exactly what is going on in our house.

Of course, if you mix in a secluded area this is not a big problem, but if, for example, quite densely built housing may not be comfortable. For this reason, along with the big lie to the fashion, had some different types of curtains.

The first and fairly traditional kind of an ordinary thick curtains that can cover the evening without having to worry that they will shine like the delicate curtains. This option, unfortunately, is not very popular, because this kind of curtains do not fit into all interiors and well known it is important.

Another option is blind, which can be affixed in several ways. The first one is glued to the frame of the window, but it is quite fragile and uncomfortable, so much the better, but also more expensive solution would be blind bolted to the wall above the window. Currently, in this case, you can give up the curtains, because the stores you can find a lot of decorative shutters, which, for example, represent the views or other images. They can be, therefore, not only a great help in order to maintain some privacy, but also very effective.

Next, come to some very bad resemblance to a blind product. Typically, people associate it with hot offices, but now many furniture stores offer a very effective blinds made from a very wide range of materials. You can also choose patterns and colors yourself. For this reason, we should not be afraid of those old, but modernized solutions that contrary to appearances, are extremely effective. Another type are also blinds and roller shutters, but as the name suggests they perform equal wniż protective function, and in contrast to the traditional ones are mounted on the outside of the building.

As for the external layers are also very popular shutters. Of course there is the very large choice, because they are usually associated so as previously mentioned, the facade and the outer part, but very often the case in quite large rooms can meet the internal shutters that are not only much lighter but also serve as aesthetic. Of course, the traditional purpose of the window is not only the look and conservation sprytności, but also safety.

Of course, this kind of items do not fit into all the houses, because they are usually associated with the village and traditional building, but there is no denying that they are creating and by many modern companies, which are not only spread them, but also to adapt to the prevailing standards.

Last, but quite expensive option is the so-called Venetian mirrors that allow us to observe the inner part of the whole environment without the fear that you will be spotted by someone from the outside. They give us a lot of freedom and longed for privacy, but unfortunately they are really very expensive, so not all can afford.