Orchids – exotic interior decoration

Storczyki – egzotyczne dekoracje wnętrz

Decorations in the house are just as important as choosing the color of the walls or furniture. Most modern designed interior can ruin a poor choice of decoration. What do decide to, in order to preserve modernity and design, so hard earned overhaul? We must be honest with ourselves – plaster figurines, which can be used to put on the chests of drawers and window sills, went out of fashion a long time ago. Warto zainwestować w coś co będzie stale cieszyć nasze oko czyli w ‚żywą’ ozdobę. For reasons of the huge number of types and colors of flowers pot certainly everyone will find something satisfying. However, as a species, it is worth thinking so fashionable this season orchids, the so-called orchids.

These are the flowers that perfectly find themselves in a modern interior. The most common type is the phalenopsis and paphiopedium. You can choose the color of curtains to fit or the color of the walls. If the flowers provide the right conditions, it will give us back pewnościom. Orchids bloom 2-3 or even four times a year. Stalk with beautiful flowers can stay up to three months. Orchids are perfect for people who do not have the time to nurture the plants. Orchids are watered once a week with plenty of water. Is a great place for them to cool and niesłoneczne room. Due to this fact need not stand on the windowsill, but in any chosen place. It is said that the beauty of these flowers most appreciated rainy autumn season. When the windows have views of depression, mood will improve our beautiful vibrant colors on the windowsill.

If our modern interiors we sprinkle a pinch of the exotic, the orchid will be the perfect person. However, it is very important where you buy this beautiful flower. Supermarket prices are up to four times lower than those in the florists, but not without reason. Flowers in the supermarket are not kept in good conditions. They lack natural light, and the leaves have limited access to air a film that the world is wrapped. Although at the time of purchase orchid beautifully presented, it can take a very long time before they will bloom again.