Placing a mirror in the bathroom

Umiejscowienie lustra w łazience

Have you ever been in a bathroom without a mirror? Of course not! Mirror, is a kind of complement to any bathroom. That is why it is very important the proper selection and installation. If you choose a mirror before laying tiles on the wall, we save. Why? Now we will have laid the tiles behind the mirror, what will be will be able to return to the store. The size and shape of the mirror should be tailored to individual tastes. Lustra im większe i z niestandardowymi kształtami tym droższe. However, you can save by installing them yourself. First, you should determine to what extent will be mounted mirror.

There are some well-worn principles which should be applied when such a decision, namely the mirror should not be lower than 200 mm above the sink. Avoid thanks to its continuous splashes. For this reason, you should install a mirror inside the shower enclosures and over bath. Another principle is that there should not be installed below the 1200 mm from the floor, and should not extend higher than 2000 mm from the floor. It is, however, the general principles that can change depending on the needs of the family. Before going to mount the mirror, we need to thoroughly clean the surface to which the mirror is glued, and the rear mirror. Remember that the mirror assembly should not use glue is not designed for this. Otherwise, the back of the mirror, the whole substance may be destroyed, and the whole mirror will not be suitable for anything.

When the mirror is firmly glued to the wall, we can smooth out the edges of the silicone. Depending on the color of clear or white tile. The mirror is a very important piece of equipment a bathroom. Therefore, the choice should not be a trivial matter for us. If you have a small bathroom, instead of the mirror over the sink bathroom cabinet mount with built-in mirror on the front. In this cabinet can accommodate all cosmetics, toothbrushes and other items that are no longer unwanted decoration.