Repainting of windows – effective advice

Odmalowanie okien – skuteczna porada

If no one home happens from time to time to renew the old worn-out windows. In the case of renewal of windows it is worth considering the total ink replacement – repaint the window. Z pewnością zabieg ten nie jest specjalnie trudny – wystarczy usunąć starą farbę – ale może okazać się niezwykle uciążliwy i czasochłonny, szczególnie jeśli chcemy by efekt naprawdę ładnie wyglądał. But the most important desire and unwavering motivation to work. Zanim zabierzemy się do malowania okien warto uzbroić się w cierpliwość, gdyż najlepszym dla nas momentem będzie ładna pogoda – a o taką nie trudno w piękną wiosnę lub lato. Painted in the time window can be left to dry faster, especially if the window is actually nice weather.

Where to begin? At the outset, you should consider painting the same parts that come into contact with the frame of the window – and then we do another. Thanks to the sequence elements of the dry faster. When applied paint fall on our items went, it’s worth the wait to dry and remove dirt craft knife blade. What brush should be used? Ideally it was good quality – do not save too – and with long hair, because the best way to reach the hard to reach places – this makes it easier and faster to paint the corners. What materials will serve us to paint the windows? They are as follows:

-Shield window or masking tape

-Small brush

-Enamel or satin finish

The first step of masking tape cover the window, so that it is visible a few millimeters of glass. Subsequently, the whole surface of the paint, since in this case the sealing layer is formed between the window frame and the glass. Then remove the tape before the paint dries completely. A good way is the use of a plastic cover, but it will need to keep the painting. In the case of coated paint to choose alkyd enamels, so that recent studies have shown that they are much more durable than acrylic.