Safety – door locks at home

Bezpieczeństwo – zamki drzwiowe w domu

Certainly, few of us are aware of the poor quality of our locks are made for doors – especially those on the back of the house. There is no doubt that the use of these locks is a kind of invitation to potential burglars who can cope with them in less than a minute. The situation is similar when installing garage doors and the door to the storage. Thereby neglecting the security of the home, and it is shameful mistake. The first principle of security of any apartment or house should be very good quality locks – should be well fitted, the strong door. Such security will make you feel at home much safer than you currently think. Mounting a strong door locks and strong security guarantees each household.


If you decide to replace the lock will give you some clues as to how they should be installed – depending on whether you choose mortise locks or locks surfaces. In this article, however, we will focus on the installation of mortice locks. It is therefore necessary to apply the lock of the door and mark how deep it should be let into the door. Later stage is a painted line in the middle of the edge. Once that we take care of drilling a series of overlapping holes – remember that the average width of the drill must be a lock. Now use the right tool – can be a chisel – enlarge the hole so that the castle could go in without any trouble.


At this stage – when we put a lock – obrysujmy contour fitting together remove the remaining wood. Then mark the position of the axis handles and key holes that wywiercimy now drill the correct diameter. At this time, install lock and check how it works. As well we should remember to attach the hardware, but the first thing is make sure that the door can easily open and close.

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