Sealing sink

Uszczelnianie zlewozmywaka

Proper installation of a sink and washing is a very important issue. As it turns out not be the last on the list of completion of our renovation. Sink and sink must necessarily be well sealed. Water easily penetrates poorly protected every slot. This may have dire consequences. What? Moisture can cause the appearance of rust stains on the battery and on the tiles and especially the joints may appear mold and fungi. For this reason, it is important to good sealing sink. We should put every effort to make our sealing was done properly. Work should start by being well prepared, you will need to purchase in the form of sanitary silicone.

As one of the few highly resistant to water. It does not favor the growth of fungi or bacteria. It is easy to use and durable. The next thing on your shopping list, you will need the machine to extrude silicone and spatula. At the start of Let’s take care of the cleanliness. Thoroughly cleanse the place that will be sealed. Top with a cloth moistened with solvent. Place around the sink or shower should be protected against possible damage. Silicone is a gun pressed into the contact area on the sink. This should be done very carefully, because this is the most exposed to the water.

It is better to apply the higher layer than smaller because the excess can be easily removed with a spatula. Gathered excess silicone, and its smoothing should take place as soon as the silicone dries very quickly. This is not a job requiring special skills so easily get to it themselves. Do not wait to seal because bacteria and mold can quickly establish themselves in just such places.