Small kitchen – how to deal with it

Mała kuchnia – jak sobie z nią poradzić

The kitchen is actually the center of any home or apartment. It is here that gather all family members – eat, drink, talk. Sometimes it was she attracted domowników1) to spend in her free time. This is usually najprzytulniejsze interior throughout the house. It’s full of appliances, furniture and accessories. It is good if it will separate into a bigger room. But what if the space that we are small and we would like to put in it everything you need, and thus does not lead to the clutter?

There are a few ideas and solutions that will allow us to enjoy the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. An example would be a table, a sideboard table extension, based on the separately added leg. This is ideal if our kitchen is no place for the traditional table. You can eat with him, and prepare meals. This allows us to also save some money that can be spent on other necessary equipment. Another idea is to replace multiple, smaller cabinets one large cabinet placed in the cavity wall, closed by a separate door. We can hide it all the utensils, pots, accessories, spices, etc. It takes up very little space and you can hide by closing the door.

A great solution is to deliver all the pots, cups or pan on stove on the ropes or special racks. This allows us to save a lot of space and give up some cabinets, the kitchen becomes our unique climate.

In a small kitchen should also avoid high cabinets, reaching to the ceiling. They just overwhelm our souls and make the optically it becomes even smaller. In small spaces should apply only low cabinets, preferably glass, which deal with space optically deepens. The tall furniture can be used frosted glass cabinet fronts that give them a sense of space and depth.

You should also think about kolorystce our kitchen. Best used in this case, bright color paint or a clear plates at both walls and on the floor. The same is true in the case of furniture, dark furniture give the impression of gravity, so overwhelm our kitchen.

If we have the opportunity, you might also think about opening the kitchen to other rooms through the demolition of the wall connecting it with the other rooms from the ceiling down to the floor. Doing this fall is more enlightened to the interior, as well as the ability to set between the kitchen and the peace table and chairs, which will free up some space in our midst.

Equally important is the lighting in our midst. Well, if in addition to the central ceiling lamp install additional smaller lights under kitchen cabinets or strips.

When it comes to choosing a style for our kitchen we can choose between three basic: Retro, dominated by carved moldings, wood, stylish accessories, and appliances are installed and visible. Modern, which offers us great opportunities. Focus on combining materials – wood, glass, plastic and etc. The last style is a high-tech kitchen, where prevailing metal and glass, kitchen appliances shall be marked and dominates cool colorist.