Small refuge in a huge block.

Mały azyl w ogromnym bloku.

Furnishing the apartment very much attention focused on the arrangement of individual design. Choose furniture that will komponowa the whole apartment. Many people employ an interior designer to help compose all the elements so that our spoiło socket in one piece. Typically, he or she shall prepare a draft of interior design together with the development of a balcony or terrace, we have. Having lived in the block, our little sanctuary, the balcony is often a place for relaxation, rest, joint barbecue with friends. Very often, the balcony is an added attraction of our apartment, especially if it is aesthetically and functionally developed.

In modern housing estates, which are now at a very fast pace built, terraces, balconies, because I do not have much more space. And then the question is how to design a patio to create a pleasant atmosphere and a place of rest at the same time? A good idea that is worth recommending will help Architect Green. Surely this is a person whose advice you should obtain, due to the knowledge and experience.  

Jeżeli sami zdecydujemy się na zagospodarowanie balkonu bądź tarasu, a w szczególności tarasu, dlatego, że wiąże się z większym przedsięwzięciem ze względu na powierzchnie, powinniśmy skonsultować decyzję z administratorem. Potrzebne będą, bowiem specjalne zezwolenia i a również informacje o tym, jaki dodatkowy ciężar chociażby umieścimy na naszym tarasie.

The first important thing we have to keep in mind when deciding on the plants in our land is suitable irrigation system. You will, therefore, faucet, which assemble tee and then distribute the system to each of the pots and lawn.

Plants are the most important choice, because it is up to them to complete the final result. A good solution will be weeping birch family Youngii, this plant does not require a large and deep area for growth due to no large root system. Thuja Smaragd is also undemanding plant, especially in the winter impressive.

Another good choice and effectively will save up space on a small rock garden, where you can also sit undemanding plants, such as alpine carnation, pink feathery, geranium, pine mountain. An interesting solution is also fescue ornamental grass, miscanthus grass papmasowa, trzęślica. However, the plant is not everything, we have to plan some part of the plant as well as the furniture and the rest. Where do you set the furniture, the deck chair, table, chairs best to be cured, that is paved or planted grass very resistant to trampling.

More importantly, you should think about separating from nosy neighbors sometimes, because the terrace is to be our oasis of calm and relaxation.

You can, so to say that having at least a part of any lawn or garden can be beneficial for us, because it is thanks to this site we can calm down and relax.