Stairs as a dekoracjny

Schody jako element dekoracjny

In each story house or apartment, they are an essential element of a staircase. Without them we are completely separated by the use of the house located on the first floor. Often, it is the first thing you buy, and make a decision about choosing quickly and without much thought. This is the biggest mistake that accompanies this purchase. Before deciding to buy the stairs, think about the function they are to meet at your house. Is apart from the practical side, they can bring something else to live? Of course! Stairs – obviously well chosen, can be a wonderful decorative element.

At first let’s see how they are to be deployed, it depends on the amount of space that we can not spend. An important decision is also the type of material from which they are to be made. Currently popular staircase made of glass, wood and metal mnij. However, the choice of material from which steps will be taken depends on how the interior design are to be found. However, even with this decision we have freedom, we can also combine materials. Frame stairs can be metal and wooden steps. The modern interiors are often selected openwork stairs, they give the effect of space and does not look like a clunky piece of furniture. Do not forget about a good light.

There are models of stairs that illuminate every step. We can also mount brackets over their entire length. What we have not decided, however, in the end, stairs should be well lit. The ultimate depth of the step should be 23 cm. Such steps are not too steep, which will be more secure. On the market there are also modular stairs, consisting of multiple components. Their advantage is the relatively low price, and flexibility when mounting. Railing, which we choose not to stand out from the style mounted the stairs. Everything has to create a perfect whole.