Take care of the balcony!

Zadbaj o balkon!

To our amazing apartment or house in admiration not only us but each and every guest, we should take care of every corner of the apartment. This applies to less frequented areas, closets, pantries, and even a balcony. Each of these areas should be functionally furnished with taste so that pleases our eyes. How can we arrange our balcony? It turns out that this is not easy. You do not have to buy the whole stock market flower that looked inviting passers-eye on our balcony. Most important is the enthusiasm for work and inspiration that we can draw colorful catalogs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJeśli mamy odpowiednio duży balkon, możemy zafundować sobie meble. Kanapa dwa fotele i stolik kawowy. Taki zestaw wystarczy nam do zjedzenia popołudniowego podwieczorku czy wypicia rannej kawy. Meble wykonane z ratanu wspaniale will fit exactly to the balcony. material that will add charm to our inside and outside that is very functional because it is lightweight. gorgeous scenery of the furniture will be patterned and multi-colored pillows. Inherent equipment every balcony should be a blanket. most important decoration of the balcony, however, remain invariably flowers. Years popular were petunias and Surfinias, but this trend is changing these days. More and more often the windows and balconies decorated with red geraniums tight. However, any flowers we chose not to remember their regular care. Balcony flowers watered early in the morningor late in the evening. If you water the flowers during the day, in full sun, wither in the blink of an eye.


The boxes of flowers can add lights to charging your energy throughout the day by downloading the sunlight will shine beautifully in the evening. In addition, it can set the candles on the table. So arranged balcony he gives us pleasure during the warm summer evenings.