The floor in the office

Podłoga w gabinecie

To work in our office was a pleasure for us, to be worked out his arrangement for the accuracy down to the smallest detail. Very important is to choose the right colors dominating, peeling the style in which the room will be furnished. Also important is choosing the right floor. The floor in our office should be especially robust and durable. When you make the choice, we should be guided by several important factors. Type the floor must be matched to the size of the room. Another important issue is the intensity of the floor. Universal output in this case, the choice of hardwood floors. However, it is also important wood species. Due to the type of room, the floor will be charged different appliances or large amounts of books. Therefore, we choose only the very durable wood species.


Wood species should also be matched to the style that will dominate the room. The offices are decorated in a classic style, best suited floor made of oak and beech. In small rooms, ornaments and decorations should be as close as possible less. However, if the surgery is substantial in size, you can go crazy. But remember that too much decoration will reduce our optical study. The same is true with the floor. Not recommended for floors with dark shades for small rooms. In addition to choosing the right flooring, it is also suitable arrangement. Even the most durable wood species we can not guarantee the use of the floor through lengthy period, if you do not see to the proper care and precautions.


The priority in a study room should be secure from harm floor chairs. If this is the usual chair legs should be glued felt pads. In the case of swivel chairs, it will be important to purchase a transparent mat under the chair. In this way, we avoid scratching the floor.