The glossy epoxy floor

Błyszcząca podłoga epoksydowa

If you are designing your interior przystanęłaś on choosing flooring, this article is aimed just to you. Choosing the right type of flooring is not a trivial decision. The floor on which you choose, should serve us for years, and when it should be easy to maintain the proper state of cleanliness. We should also pay attention to its resistance to scratching and abrasion. As you can see the floor must meet a number of important functions that could be considered this appropriate. On which floor should therefore decide? Since the most common type of flooring is wood flooring. Different shades of natural wood perfectly fit into even the most modern interiors.

However, they have a fundamental flaw – they are resistant to scratches, and on contact with water. Exactly the same is true of the floor panels. However, despite the panels and wooden floors usually hosted in our homes. Consider, however, if not take a step towards modernity? Floors of epoxy resin and polyurethane, are now the most desirable finish area. They are very resistant to prolonged contact with water and mechanical damage. Floors of this type are drawn and do not react with all kinds of cleaning substances.

Therefore do not have to fear that our floors will lose luster if we do not clean up the appropriate detergents. In addition, the floor of an epoxy resin, are not slippery, and are therefore safe for example, running in the children at home. These floors are available in a variety of colors, we can also choose between a matte or glossy version. If you are not satisfied with our solid color, think of a formula or other geometric theme. We can, however, ensure that the floor will add to our modern and unusual interior design. So let’s consider choosing just the floor with epoxy resin or polyurethane.