The interior in dark colors

Wnętrze w ciemnych barwach

Taste for elegant and classic setting, but you are afraid of gloom? Interior design is not easy especially if we think of the dark color dominance. There is, however, a few simple rules to implement these will create a truly sophisticated interior design. The dark color of the room, I really do not have to be heavy and overwhelming. Deep brown, shades of pomegranate, green and even the black, used properly, will give a much-needed style. Most importantly, a well-chosen colors in terms of natural interior lighting and our needs.

If your interior is to attract rather than overwhelm, you must remember to moderation. In the room where the walls, floors and furniture, along with accessories, will be in dark colors, in fact it may not be a pleasant stay. And the chic and classic elegance can forget. Bet for example, only the dark walls and floor. Decorations, let them be in a slightly lighter tone. More of the darker shades of the interior, you can use the apartment with high insolation. Sunlight naturally brighten the room, so that we feel comfortable in it, does not have a negative impact on our mood. If you do not have the courage to paint the walls a dark, choose an intermediate color. Fit to the dark floors and furniture and accessories. Darker colors are used in areas where we are looking for peace and tranquility, such as a bedroom.

In which, with dark colors can revel in the whole. Make your bedroom a magical and enchanting place. Dark wooden furniture plus green finish. How could such a statement be used in your bedroom? While handling dark colors in rooms, remember the play of light and shadow. The light – natural or artificial, is especially needed garments in a very dark setting.

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