The kitchen and living room – how to solve?

Kuchnia i salon – jak to rozwiązać?

Very often, even at the stage of selecting the design house wonder whether in our home kitchen should be connected to the living or not. There’s no denying that at the present time it is very fashionable, but it all depends on whether in fact this type of connection will suit us.

Unfortunately, in many cases, it is quite ill-situation, and precisely because of this at a later stage, we have to choose between setting up a kitchen and lounge or perhaps the kitchen and dining room. It is extremely difficult in particular for small spaces. Of course, there are cases in which all elements are connectable to it, but, unfortunately, most simply do not have such features.

It is true that in the same way as all the other also this problem has some extremely constructive solutions, but in reality they are mostly dependent on the size and shape of our rooms.

Of course, the basic is the kitchen, which is just necessary, but in many cases, we wonder whether with this huge, but her pomieszczania combined to create a dining room or living room. Although some people believe that eating lunch or dinner at the coffee table is not a bad thing, but in reality most people prefer the traditional form in a table.

It is in this case a very good solution would be to just put a small table against the wall in the kitchen or in the middle, but in this case we have to reckon with the fact that it will need to be a large amount of space. It is true that at this moment living unit is fully possible, but should pay attention to the other option.

Namely gentle separation of at least two spaces in the form of, for example, not high walls. In this case, we will have the opportunity to bring the table next to her from the kitchen. This will allow us not only to any furnishings of the living room, but also gently cutting off and isolating her from the kitchen. Of course, there is no denying that some people would prefer to have a completely open space, but to be expected that in such a case, you will simply very difficult all contrasted with each other.

Very good option would be the combination of the two rooms with the similar color of the walls and a single floor, which will emphasize a holistic approach to this room. Either way, pay attention to the fact that it really all depends on not only our approach, but also the taste and flavor, because it really is what they are crucial aspects.

Of course, this type of connection at the present time are extremely popular, but in fact, very impractical, because it does not allow us to practically utilize the entire space. Of course, as previously mentioned, it depends only on us, but it really should pay special attention to the features, which at times, unfortunately, does not take up the appearance.

In conclusion it must be said that it all depends solely on our ability not only those related to finance, but also surface and bulky, because without a proper surface.