The order must be in the kitchen!

Porządek w kuchni musi być!

Undoubtedly, every woman is trying to make in your home rules concerning the order that applies to all members of the household – even guests. These principles should not be broken – it’s a request to you guys. Of course, the relative purity should be mainly in the kitchen, because it is a place of eternal “office” of all members of the household. This is where we spend most of their time preparing meals. Probably each of us finds that there are not enough great food – just the shortage of space. The result of this is the fact that the kitchen needs to find a place for everything – literally! For obvious reasons the kitchen much space we need for food, but we must also reckon with space for small items, dishes and other items needed to prepare meals – such as pans, pots, crockery etc.

Fashion is short and quickly leaves – the same goes for furniture. For this reason, it is not worth to choose ever more sophisticated designs and colors, which eventually will lose its charm – although this is of course a matter of taste. Best furniture are those of small size, but able to hold the most necessary things – I know, I know, it sounds weird. Nowadays, designers are focusing on the use of every inch of the surface of our house – the use of space is a sign of our times.

Furniture should serve us a really long time, as long as they are made of really good material, and provided that we clean them regularly. Small furniture is much easier to maintain in good order and cleanliness. In addition, the cabinet should be lifted up fronts – a good solution for a couple of cabinets. If you are in possession of another room next to the kitchen – preferably small – think about the upsize pantry – in this way we save unnecessary unused space in the kitchen.