The water supply in the bathroom

Dopływ wody w łazience

The water supply in the bathroom is a key issue for all of us. As soon as the new bathroom we consider the question of how it will flow into our water. There are actually different methods of water supply, and we will try to present a few of them – each way has a different system, and more. Box we have really huge, so everyone can find something for everyone. For this purpose we use the tube of polypropylene and PVC pipe and a pipe system CPCW PE-X and multi-PB. The last proposition are copper pipes.

If we are looking for cheaper solution should pay attention to polypropylene tubes, as they are the cheapest to install. Cope easily under mild – in the case of high temperature elongate tube, so the flow of hot water system can use the insert of aluminum or fiberglass. Each of the paired tubes by welding and it is quite time-consuming – as soon as the pipe is quite high and increases the risk of leakage. Similar properties and characteristics to PVC tubing and CPCW, but certainly are somewhat more durable – unfortunately, but also more expensive. The pipes of PE-X are certainly much more expensive option, but also more effective. When using this type of pipes do not need to use a variety of fittings and elbows, because they can be skillfully bend – so that installation of these pipes is much faster. The best solution will, however, make an appointment letter with the appropriate professionals, who hold securities for this type of installation – largely raise the cost of installation.

The most versatile – considered by many to be the best – they are copper pipes. It is also the most expensive way to install tidal water. Soft are used in applications with a diameter of 22 mm. The advantage of this type of tubes for bending, easier installation and a smaller number of connections. You have to be careful because the copper pipes are easily damaged, especially when mounting mismanagement. The most common technique is to connect copper pipe soldering, but in the shops you can buy a special connector.