Ventilation home

Wentylacja domu

Good ventilation is a very important part of any home – in extreme cases, poorly made ventilation leads to the death of the family. But what is a well-made ventilation? For the most part provides a free flow of air in our house – it is not only important for reasons of comfort, but also for health reasons. Ventilation is also responsible for breathing and prevents the formation of condensation. The ventilation certainly assisted living area – for example, the space between the boards in the floor or even a chimney (especially old class). In older homes there are a lot of smaller or larger gaps – such as doors, windows and fireplaces. In this case, you do not need extra ventilation, but does not change the fact that you could occasionally open to provide fresh air into the room.


The modern built homes require additional sealing of windows, doors and fireplace – this does not affect the escape of heat from within the room or the whole house as a consequence (to save energy). In this case, there is a need to install additional ventilation, for the same opening windows may not be enough – especially in difficult weather situations. Such ventilation can force such as the kitchen or bathroom, or use natural air vents. In the case of Windows, you can also install a special box for insects with additional adjustment – this is useful especially in the summer, when we leave the windows open. We get then the natural air flow, often soothing us from the summer heat.


Attic ventilation is also one of the most important elements of any houses. If the roof is made in our technology with the wall gable peak, the ventilation system can be done by inserting air bricks in the gable – poor attic ventilation is the cause condensation, which could in turn lead to wood rot.

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