You’ve heard of such a thing as a vestibule? Certainly. It is widely used, and we can meet virtually any home. Its main task is to protect your home, before I proszonym cold air. This is especially important in winter, when we care about maintaining a certain temperature in the rooms in which we live. If the heat will escape us, heaters will operate at higher speeds, which in the end and will be reflected in our accounts. Vestibule jet very popular and relatively cheap solution, protecting your home from the cold. And this is a kind of hall or the old hall.

The rules governing the construction law, wygospodarowaniu explicitly mention such a place. Vestibule is therefore not only a whim owners. However, in order not to lose any extra space in your home, you can decorate it yourself kind of hall, where leave jackets, shoes and umbrellas. We can arrange a dressing room at this point. Think of a hallway in a positive way – finally each of your pairs of shoes will take its place. In the vestibule, we can keep the bike – instead of putting them all together in the basement, and put the baby strollers. It is worth noting that this piece of equipment home, is integrated into a whole. If, however, the cold air from the atrium enters the apartment, we can try to install additional doors and the walls insulate well. If you are building a house, we find that the place is completely useless to us. Wygospodarujmy even a few feet, to live in harmony with the building code. It is better to plan a few meters to the entrance hall, than to pay high penalties I lack.

A place you can really utilize very functional and modern at the same time. Great building cabinets, well thought out lighting, make sure your porch in no way be reminded ancient hall. And do you, you know in some way, homestead your hall?