Washing machine in a small bathroom

Pralka w małej łazience

The bathroom is the focal point in your home. It should be furnished to the use of it for us was not a no, more serious problem. Development of a small bathroom, so that was functional in terms of movement in it, and contained all the necessary elements is a challenge. Typically, the bathroom must be given such items as bath or shower, sink, toilet and washing machine. Putting all these elements in four square meters, or even smaller area can be very difficult.

I therefore need some clever solutions. Wannę zawsze można zamienić na kabinę prysznicową, i w wolne miejsce wstawić pralkę. With the purchase, you should look for one that has a relatively small size. Despite appearances, there are washing machines that we put in practically every corner. However, if we have a washing machine, and it does not belong to the smallest, not smiles we buy new we can situate elsewhere than in the bathroom. The washing machine can be placed in the kitchen. A good choice would be a man named buildings in her kitchen furniture. We know that we will not be able to attach to the front, but most can cover the top. There will be so much to stand out from the total. When buying a washing machine, we can ask whether it is not the function of drying laundry. If it is, zainwestujmy a little more money and oszczędźmy bother with subsequent fanning dryers.

Tumble dryer can be built in a bathroom directly above the washing machine itself. Fashion this season is a bench-top sinks. Wystarczy stworzyć lub zamówić gotowy blat, zamontować go nad pralką a na blacie umieścić umywalkę. It is also frequently used method for the organization of a small bathroom. Whether the machine will be in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it’s not really important. What matters is the freedom to use the facilities. And you, which of these methods you can use in your bathroom?

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