We save, the self-assembly of panels

Oszczędzamy, czyli samodzielny montaż paneli

Jeśli chcemy wyremontować nasze mieszkanie tanio ale też i z dobrym smakiem, musimy zdobyć się na pewne przemyślenia. The rule is that either renovating or more expensive but cheaper and more reliably too firmly, the difference is that where you want to save we get to the sacrifice. Na przykład wybierając panele podłogowe, możemy pozwolić sobie na zakup takich, które będą nam się podobały, oraz które będą solidne jednym słowem – droższe. However, to save them, we will have to put them alone. The eyebrow appearances, it’s easy.

It is very important before starting work is to look at the floor and choosing the right foundation for the panels. If we want to reduce the passage of sound to the neighbors living below us, we should take care of the position of the polystyrene plates, which are designed to isolate sound. If you want to put the panels in the kitchen, we run the risk of flooding, which can lead to moisture. When you buy a primer for panels, you should notify the vendor. It is very important that our floor is level. If not, we will have to remove inequalities any, special plates. Thermal insulation needed for concrete floors, will provide a special foil. After proper diagnosis and the type of flooring you have the correct foundation we can begin to lay the panels. The panels should be installed perpendicular to the window so that the light entering the room stood out along the slots.

If you are on one floor, we will lay the panels in some areas, you might want to keep one of their direction. Let’s try to connect to them, it was not balanced, always at one point. This would give the effect of artificiality. Best to put one string of panels, which cut off a piece of the wall, let it be the beginning of the next strip panels. The horses need to push the panels together using a hammer and a special hook so that no gaps remain. Ready!