What kind of flooring to choose to live?

Jakie podłogi wybrać do mieszkania?

Traditional, modern, organic or produced to individual orders. This is one of the few terms, which we can define our floor. In any event it is essential that they create atmosphere of our home. They should harmonize with all rooms, furnishings and accessories that surround them. Above all, it should please ourselves.

We can choose from many types and models floor. Depending on the specific destination of choice is virtually unlimited. Until recently, they were held to certain standards or terracotta tiles which were reserved for the bathroom, hallway or kitchen. As well as flooring or board, which was only put in the room, living room or dressing room. In the current era in which many styles finishes mixed together using each floor is practically free.

So how do you decide on a specific choice? Probably the best criterion for selection are the specific advantages and disadvantages of the product. Glazed tile flooring is a type that usually has a slight sheen and a delicate texture forming its unique look. It is an ideal flat surface finish in our house, in principle, regardless of the room. Very well suited to both the entrance hall, the living room or the attic. It is very resistant to scratches, flooding or changing conditions of temperature, which is very important for the basement. His only drawback is that it is cold in contact with the feet, which can discourage even use it in the living room. Similar advantages and disadvantages of a polished tiles. The added advantage is polished to a high gloss that makes nicer visual experience. This floor, which is very hard to shine and reflect all kinds of light. This is at the same time, however, disputes minus, because exactly see any signs of use such as paw prints of animals, splashing water, or traces of shoes.

The second type of flooring that we can arrange our house is laminate flooring. These products, which in appearance, texture and laminate resemble different types of wood. We are here to meet the bright colors ranging from ivory and wood imitation Scandinavian with dirty white through to dark wenge and black. The individual panel can imitate exactly one board, a few planks stacked next to each other or very fashionable lately mini slat-draski a maximum width of one inch stacked tightly together. Visual selection is huge, but the choice should be guided primarily first thickness of the panel and its abrasiveness. The panels have a low abrasion class and small thickness can fairly quickly be scratched or deformed due by setting the weight of heavy furniture. The lowest values ​​of the panels can be used for little used rooms such as the bedroom. For a living room, game room or hall should be used as the thickest panels of the highest abrasion class. Even those who are called. office or industrial application. They will give us a break in service for many years, especially when there are children in the house or animals. We do not recommend the use of such flooring for rooms with high humidity, subject to the possibility of fire or water damage from the fire. Such changes in temperature or humidity changes will cause deformation, melting panels or rot. Therefore, bathroom or kitchen is not a good choice.

The last type of flooring that we can use in our homes is flooring or parquet. This is by far the most expensive and most demanding kind of finish care. Board or parquet are 100% natural product, which gives a really nice visual effect. No, even the most expensive floor panel can not compare with him. It should be extremely aware of proper care oils and waxes so that the floor was used for many years in perfect condition. Effect of coziness, warmth and family atmosphere they provide these floors is sensational.

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